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24-hour Library: 24 things you never knew you could do in the Library…

I bet you all know that you can use the Library to find books and other materials for your course and do some studying. But did you know about all the other things you can do in the Library? To celebrate the Library’s 24 hour opening, we’ve come up with a list of 24 things you might not know that you could do in the Library…

  1. Study overnight. Ok, it might be obvious now that the main Library is 24 hours, but we thought it’s still worth pointing out! And please remember that just because we’re open 24 hours, you don’t have to study 24 hours! See our other posts to learn how to make the best of 24 hour opening while looking after yourself.
  2. Eat a Portuguese custard tart while drinking a dirty chai (others available from Library Coffee bar but these are the Library staff picks!)Coffee
  3. Work in total silence away from the clacking of laptop keys. If this sounds like your thing, check out the silent study rooms in the Floor 2 extension.
  4. Practise your presentations with your friends. It’s not all quiet in the Library! Use the group working desks on Floors 1 and 2 or book one of the group study/presentation rooms in Learning Grid Rootes, or the new space LG2 in Learning Grid University House. If you’re a postgrad there are bookable rooms in the PG Hub.
  5. Work on your movie making skills. Yes, we run peer-led workshops on iMovie and Windows Movie Maker where you can learn basic video editing skills.imovie-larger
  6. Get specialist support for your subject. Did you know that you can book an appointment to see your friendly Academic Support Librarian? Find out who the Librarian for your subject is
  7. Play chess and other games. Look out for the Library’s Games Afternoons on the Study Happy calendar – one is coming up on 11 November. If you’re a researcher, you’ll sometimes find games at Research Refresh too.
  8. Meditate. Drop in to the Teaching Grid on Floor 2 from 5-6pm on Thursdays to learn practical relaxation tips to reduce anxiety, improve sleep patterns, boost focus and concentration and increase feelings of hope. We’re also running Mindfulness sessions – check the Study Happy calendar for dates.
  9. See original archive documents. How many of you have made it over to the Modern Records Centre yet? There are guides for students on how you can use archives to help your study and on collections relevant to subjects taught at Warwick, plus regular talks and exhibitions.mrc
  10. Practise a language and meet new friends at the Library Language Exchange. Learning another language or looking to meet new people who speak your native language? Come along to Learning Grid Rootes for some conversation practice over coffee and biscuits. Check the calendar for dates.
  11. Learn about EndNote referencing software to help you manage your references, and automatically format references and bibliographies for your assignments. Check out our EndNote webpages, come along to a workshop, or try our how-to videos!
  12. Print from your own laptop or mobile device to the Library printers. Instruction leaflets are available from the floor 1 printing area, and ask the IT Services Helpdesk (also on Floor 1) if you need help.
  13. Arts and crafts at our Crafternoons – check the calendar. Art therapy colouring is also available in Library floor 1 lounge and all the Learning Grids.
  14. Learn if medicine is for you – come to a peer-led Clinical skills session. If you’re already a biomed student, don’t forget about the equipment in the Clinical Skills Area of the BioMed Grid.biomed_grid_student_1_g
  15. Be old school and look at old newspapers on microfilm and microfiche. Library staff can show you how!
  16. Keep up with current affairs. Browse the latest newspapers in a variety of languages near the returns machine on Floor 1. Use Factiva to find current articles from other newspapers in even more languages online.
  17. Charge your phone or tablet while you study and keep fit at our cycle desks. New this year, find them on floor 1!
  18. Squash a penguin. A stress penguin, that is. Look out for Kirby the stress penguin at Study Happy events to help you destress. If you’re a postgrad, look out for the Postgrad Realities stress jigsaw pieces, which also work as a hat for Kirby!p1050233-cropped
  19. Feel smug as you use the mobile shelving on floors 2 and 3. Make the shelves move as if by magic to find the journal article you need. For instructions, watch the help video next to the shelves or ask a member of Library staff.
  20. Get support for teaching. If you’re a PGCE student or a postgrad who teaches, chat about teaching at Tuesday Brews or learn from other teachers at Window on Teaching.
  21. Enjoy free fruit. Look out for our Study Happy fruit giveaways and enjoy the health benefits of a free apple. Or banana. Or orange.
  22. Borrow a DVD. Find them listed on the catalogue or browse the shelves in the short loan area on Floor 1.
  23. Get hold of things the Library doesn’t even have! Yes, if we don’t have an article that you need, you can try ArticleReach.
  24. Pet a dog to pat away your stress. The gorgeous Pets As Therapy dogs are regular visitors and will be back again on 17 November.We can’t wait!p1000357

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Cycle desks by @sammiclaire.x

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