24-hour Library: Take good care of yourself…

Welcome to your 24-hour Library! If you’re planning on staying late to finish that essay or arriving early to guarantee your favourite desk by the printer on Floor 3, you might find yourself on campus at some fairly random times. Here are our top tips for staying safe on your journey to and from the Library…by Your Library Mum. 

If you’re based on or near campus…

…rest assured, you’re living in a pretty safe environment – but it’s still best to avoid taking unnecessary risks. If you’re walking around campus late at night, it’s a good idea to stick to well-lit footpaths and, if you can, walk back to your accommodation with a friend, or even better, hop on the Shuttlebus. Don’t have valuables on show (keep mobile phones in particular well out of sight) and keep a tight hold of bags and wallets.

If you’re based further afield…

…make sure you can get home. If you’re relying on public transport, check what time your bus service runs until and, if you’re planning on getting the last one, leave yourself plenty of time to get to the interchange – there’s nothing worse than watching your ride disappearing into the distance.


It’s also a good idea to make sure you have the number of a reliable taxi firm stored in your phone in case of an emergency and, if you do end up hailing a taxi, make sure it’s a black cab, rather than a private hire.

If it’s dark…

…watch where you’re going. The amount of traffic on the roads will be minimal in the early hours of the morning, but for that reason, encountering a car or lorry as you’re crossing the road might come as an unexpected, not to mention unwelcome, surprise.

And don’t forget, those road safety hedgehogs knew a thing or two about stayin’ alive and ‘wear something bright at night’ still isn’t a bad bit of advice, so put your street cred to one side and crack out the high vis.


If you’re cycling, it’s even more important to be seen, so why not up the ante with reflective shoes, gloves and even socks! Check that your lights are working before you set out and if you haven’t got any, why not? There’s really no excuse when you can get lights and reflectors for FREE at one of the University’s Bike Registration and Marking events.

If something goes wrong…

…remember there are lots of people around who can help you. The Library Welcome Point is staffed 24 hours, so if you’re in or near the Library, make that your first port of call. The University’s Security Services have a team of Officers on duty 24-hours a day and they can deal with any emergencies (including calling the police/ambulance/fire service, if required), so make sure you keep a note of their numbers in your phone or pop into the Gatehouse and speak to someone in person. If you need urgent access to Wellbeing Support Services, Security can help with that as well.

If you want to find out more about staying safe…

…visit Security Services Personal Safety and Security page. There’s also lots of great advice on the West Midlands Police Safer Students website.

Library Mum says: the most important thing is to make sure you know when and how you can get home safely, whatever time you finish studying!


You will never walk alone… / Thomas Leuthard/ CC BY 2.0

Non stop bus – Northampton / dez1172 / CC BY 2.0

Hi VizEpic Fireworks / CC BY 2.0

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