New to Warwick? Navigate your way with the Library

Bubble or not, when you’re new to Warwick, the campus can be pretty daunting…

There’s the brief flood of panic when you nonchalantly accept a 10am Chemistry block rendezvous, before realising you have no idea where the Chemistry block is. And when you finally twig you’ve been walking in the wrong direction for 10 minutes, you’ll try to disguise an abrupt 180º under the pretence of a text message drawing you back where you just came from.

Soon enough though, you’ll find that common denominator which allows you and your new acquaintances – house mates, course mates, guy from Curiositea queue – to meet up, and traverse the bubble with ease. When the University launched, the Library building practically was the campus and somehow it still becomes a part of every student’s navigational vocabulary. So where is the Chemistry block? Opposite the Library of course… (Costcutters has since changed to our very own Rootes Groceries so don’t get confused when Warwick oldies (us) refer to ‘Costies’! Old habits die hard…)

SB021 navigating from the library(click on image to enlarge)

Using the Library as a base-point will mean you’ll always be able to find your way. You’ll be a campus native in no time!

Let us know your navigation tips in the comments!


Image: Tourists looking for orientation/Pedro Ribeiro Simões/CC BY 2.0

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