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Welcome to Warwick! We’re the Library. Now let’s get you started…

Just received your A-level results? Coming to Warwick? Congratulations & welcome from the us, your new Library. Read this post to get acquainted with Library life and to help you prepare for the exciting time ahead… 

So it’s finally here. A-level results day, landing with a thump and bringing with it the strange mixture of fear, elation and the realisation that you’ve finally reached the end of school. You’ve opened the envelope, the results are there on the page, perhaps you’ve got plans to celebrate with family and friends, maybe you just want to sleep for a week and enjoy the fact that you no longer have to worry about A-levels. However you choose to mark the occasion, enjoy it, you’ve certainly earned it. It’s OK, I’ll wait <whistles tunelessly to self> …

You’re back? Excellent. First of all, let me say congratulations. You got the results you needed to get into Warwick. And now you know you’ll be joining us at the start of the Autumn term, here are few suggestions to help you get the most out your time here.

Although you’re not technically a student here for a few more weeks there’s still plenty of things you can do to take advantage of the Library. If you live near enough to get to campus or just fancy coming to visit over the summer, you can sign up as a Prospective Student. This will let you get in and out of the Library whenever you want (I mean, as long as we’re open, I wouldn’t recommend turning up at 4am), as well as being able to take out up to 5 books. So, if you want to get prepared for Term 1 or just fancy exploring what we have in the Library (and we do have quite a lot of stuff) then you can get a prospective student card from 1 September by bringing some ID and a letter confirming your offer of a place at the University to the Library Helpdesk on Floor 1.

Once you have your card you’ll want to find yourself some materials. Right now, the best place to search is Encore, our main catalogue. Here you can look for books, reports, maps and anything else we physically keep in the Library. You can search by an author, a title or just the general topic area you want to find out about.

When you do these searches you will most likely also find lots of exciting e-books, e-journals and e-resources. Sadly we can’t give you access to these quite yet, but make a note of the details. Once you get your Warwick username and password you’ll be able to simply click the link and login to get to literally hundreds of thousands e-books and e-journals on all kinds of subjects.

When you find a book you want to read, make a note of the classmark. It’s worth getting used to using classmarks, that’s how we organise most of our books and materials. Once you know what you’re doing with them, classmarks are pretty simple and they sort everything by subject, so once you find the area you’re looking for you may well be able to find similar books nearby. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then have a chat with our lovely staff on the Helpdesk.

Having found your book, you can find a space to read it in the Library (from group study areas to silent zones, there are lots of spaces to choose from), take out the book through our automatic self-issue machines on Floor 1 or make a photocopy. You can buy £3 photocopy cards from the Helpdesk with a debit or credit card (once term starts you’ll be able to print, photocopy and scan using your student card).

All this could leave anyone feeling rather hungry or thirsty. We have not one but TWO café’s in the Library – the Floor 1 Coffee Bar is closed in the vacation, but you can still grab a flat white or a dark mocha at Café Library. There are also a whole range of other cafés and restaurants selling food and drink across campus.

You can find information on all of the Library’s services through our Get Started webpage. You might need to wait until you get your login details to try out some of the activities, but it’s still worth a look to make sure you’re not missing anything.

Your university years can be some of the most exciting, stimulating and challenging in your life. We’re here at the library to help make things that little bit easier.

Remember to keep checking in with us on the StudyBlog too, as over the next month, we’ll be posting lots of information for new arrivals to help you get to grips with using the Library, preparing for your course and settling into study life at Warwick.

Image: Welcome/Krissy Venosdale/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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