Brighten up your Library life: 5 tips for happy breaks

With grey clouds outside, it may look like we’ve seen the last of the British Summer this term but there are plenty of other ways to brighten up your Library life…

So you’re in your serious revision mode, getting to grip with your dissertation research data or knee-deep in another thesis chapter rewrite. Can’t quite see the silver lining? Here are a few of light-touch things you can do to help get yourself through…

1. Connect

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How many familiar faces do you see in the Library every day, find yourself queuing behind in Costa or keep bumping into at the same aisle of books? Imagine how many people are in the same boat as you, just looking for an excuse to resurface for a few minutes. So be proactive and engage someone in conversation. You’ll be surprised how much difference a friendly face or a simple hello can make to someone’s day. Plus, you’ll feel the benefits too if you mix up your breaks, interact with other people and switch off from study-mode. Don’t be shy! As long as you aren’t interrupting someone whilst they’re working, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how friendly everyone is!

2. Treat yourself


Been studying for an hour straight? Just written 500 words? Finally memorised all those verb endings? Ace. Well done! You deserve a treat. Everyone’s different but nothing says motivation quite like a pain au chocolat. Or perhaps a quick stint on Facebook is more your vice? Set yourself some goals and make sure you reward yourself for your achievements! You deserve it!

3. Take a Breather


While we have been experiencing some gloomy weather, just getting outside for a leisurely stroll can refresh and calm you. So grab your scarf/sunglasses/umbrella and take 15 to do a lap of campus. Nothing will give you perspective quite like some people watching and a grassy bank of daisies. Or if you’re in need of something cute, the campus wildlife never fails to put a smile on my face. Unless it’s an aggressive goose.

4. ‘Pass it on’

2016-05-10 09.18.22
Some whiteboard art, which I came across in the PG Hub

If you’re spending the day in the Library or Grids, why not take a little bit of time out to spread some happiness? All it takes is a little note of encouragement left on a desk, some whiteboard art or kind gesture to turn someone’s day around. You’ll be left with that warm fuzzy feeling and one day you’ll benefit from a good deed too.

5. Experience a Library sunset

This is the Library with a sunset rather than the view from floor 5 – has anyone got a floor 5 view they’d like to share? Photo by Remy Osman, used with permission.

Finally, if you’re staying late, you may want to join the Warwick Library Sunset Club and check out the view from Floor 5. Some pretty spectacular skies! It’s the more literal way of brightening up your Library life…

We’d love to hear your tips and habits that keep you motivated at Warwick Library – share them in the comments! There are also lots of #StudyHappy events happening in our Library spaces this term, which make great break activities – don’t miss out!

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Images: Jeremy Keith/coffee/CC BY 2.0

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