The ultimate list of #studyblog exam and revision posts

Somehow, exams are rolling around again and panic is creeping in, so for those of you who weren’t acquainted with the Study Blog or even Warwick last year (or if you’ve been through it all before, but can’t quite remember how to keep some semblance of calm at this stage) we’ve rooted out our 5 most popular posts from last year to save the day. Enjoy…


1. 3 Easy ways to prepare ahead for revision

Food for Thought

If you only read one post before you pull your revision timetable together and get your head down, make it this one. 3 no-brainers for making sure your revision is on-topic, organised, and actually happens!
Don’t ignore Nuala’s tips…

2. We asked you for your best revision tips, here’s what you came up with…

post it board

This one’s a corker. Mainly because it’s your tips for each other – there’s nothing like a bit of comradery during times of stress. Here’s what you had to say…

3. Our experienced writers share their revision wisdom

monkey image

I love this. It’s so interesting to see the different ways we all cope with the tasks at hand. One of the 4 approaches here will undoubtedly strike a chord with you. Pick up some pearls of wisdom…

4. 9 Necessities for surviving a library all-nighter

SB060 moon

This was our third most-viewed post last year, which makes us think that quite a few of you are going to continue the tradition of all-nighters. We don’t recommend that you study all night but if you are, make sure you tick off all of these necessities… 

5. The study blog’s essential exam day checklist

SB061 checklist

Dot your Ts and Cross your Is. Is that right? If your brain is so melted that you turn up to the wrong exam room, all the revision advice in the world won’t help you. Let’s make sure it doesn’t happen…


Exam Hall/non-partizan/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Food For Thought/James/CC BY 2.0

Gorilla/Steven Straiton/CC BY 2.0

Checklist Chalkboard/Mufidah Kassalias/CC BY-ND 2.0

Apocalypse/KFDL/CC BY 2.0

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