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A year in the Rootes Learning Grid

At the end of Week 9, Rootes Learning Grid closed its doors for the summer. I’ve spent one year working there as a Student Adviser (that’s us in the blue shirts), and I’ve seen some things – including ukuleles. Here’s a look back at Rootes Learning Grid’s first year in service! …By Charlotte Salter

What’s been happening in Rootes Learning Grid this year?

Apart from learning, you mean? Okay. Let’s start with the first anniversary of Rootes Learning Grid, where we had a huge birthday cake (and cupcakes!), prompting a fifty student-long queue. By happy coincidence I was on duty at the time, so got to eat some of the treats. The cake was like a celebrity: there were people taking selfies with it. And it tasted oh-so-good.

We’ve also hosted some Study Happy events as part of the Library’s scheme to help ease the stress of revising for exams. We had a ukulele-playing session in the Group Rooms, a huge banana giveaway, and a massage chair. It’s not all work and no play!

2014-06-05 14.57.44

Apart from that, there are always Advisers to chat to or help you with any study-related issues. Or, if you fancy, we often have mints and notepads too…

What has the feedback been like?

First of all, it’s important to know that all the comments that we get on the feedback board, through our feedback kiosk, online, or given to an Adviser is read and considered. For example, thanks to the feedback system we’ve installed more power sockets in the collaboration area so your laptops don’t run flat, and there are more whiteboards (including the handy mini ones) for you to use in the space. We can’t do everything, but we do our best to adjust the environment for your needs, so keep it coming!


Here’s some of the feedback from students regarding Rootes Learning Grid in general:

“Fantastic! Modern, spacious, has spaces which are more informal. Better than the library.” (Don’t worry, we still love you, Library.)

“Probably one of the best improvements to campus since I’ve been a student.”

“Excellent space that has been really useful so far in exams, especially being so close to 1st year accommodation.”

Basically, we’re glad that you like the newest Learning Grid!

Surely it hasn’t all been fun and games…

You’d be surprised – everything’s gone pretty smoothly, except for the odd fire alarm or malfunctioning gate. We do get a lot of lost property, but not everything is traceable, so we have a surplus of umbrellas and USB drives. (If you’re missing anything, it’s all now with the SU reception.) Apart from that, it’s been pretty plain sailing.

SB119 colloborative space

Bonus interesting fact:

Where Rootes Learning Grid is used to be the student reception. People still come in to collect their accommodation keys or update their cards, including me at the beginning of the year. I can attest to the fact that it’s a much nicer space now!

What, no funny stories?

I did walk into the glass wall once. I try not to think about it.

I want a picture of that cake you were describing.

Here are three.




Rootes Learning Grid will reopen at the beginning of the next academic year. I and the rest of the Advisers hope you have a great break, and come back recharged and ready to do some more informal and collaborative learning!

Let us know why you love the Rootes Grid in the comments!

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