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How business databases can give you the advantage in your job search

The Library’s business databases can be used for more than just assignments. Regardless of the course you are studying they can be a tool for your job search and help prepare you for interviews…By Francesca Cornick.

Did you know that the Library provides access to resources and databases which can help you with your job search and interview preparations? These databases contain a variety of information including; company financials, news, key employees and SWOT analysis.

The business databases mentioned in this post are accessible under the Business section of the Databases tab in Library Search.

Starting your job search- target companies

How do you know you are targeting all of the companies in the sector you wish to work in? Is there a chance you could be missing out on companies (particularly smaller ones) which you may not have known about when you started your job search?

Use these databases to target companies that may be your future employer!

FAMEcontains financial information on all UK companies private and public

AMADEUS– contains financial information on all large European companies

Use Fame to generate a target mailing list of companies in a particular industry or geographical location.

The databases allow you to:

  • Narrow your results by location/postcode/region
  • Use SIC (standard industry classification) codes to identify a company’s principle business activities and match these against your interests
  • Identify named contacts under key employees
  • Analyse company performance against one another

You can customise your searches. For example, you may be interested in companies with the largest turnover or the largest number of employers, in a particular industry or location.

Preparing for interview- company research

Before going for an interview it is always useful to stay ahead of the crowd and give yourself the edge over other candidates.One way to do this is to research the company. The business databases accessible through the Library will help you do just that.

 Factiva – News

Contains the latest world business, industry and company news and trade publications

Factiva will allow you to research company news and developments.  Enhance your background knowledge, particularly on current affairs. Has the company recently been reported on?

Factiva also gives you access to company snapshots.

MarketLine, Mintel, Passport, GlobalData Power Market research

Contain market research reports and insightful comment and analysis of companies and industries within the UK and worldwide.

Content includes: SWOT analysis, major products, key competitors, company profiles, statistics, case studies and news.

Company websites- additional resources

Companies will often have an ‘Investor Relations’ section on their website.   Content can include annual reports, financial year reviews, press releases, stock information, board of directors’ information etc.

Bear in mind that this information will show the company in an overtly positive light as it is targeting the information at shareholders.

Questions you may wish to consider when preparing for an interview

What does the organisation do?

Has the company recently been in the news?

Which market does the company operate in?

Who is it owned by?

Who are its competitors?

What are the goals of the company? How does the company fit in with your goals?

Good luck with your job search! 

Image: office life/Steve Davidson/ CC BY 2.0

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