Top 10 moments of the Study Happy Campaign!

The library’s anti-stress campaign has now drawn to a close – I guess time flies when you’re chilling out in massage chairs and cuddling some adorable doggies! Here’s a recap of our top 10 favourite moments of the study happy campaign…By Nuala Clarke

1. The Massage Chairs

massae chair2I never wanted to get up. Like ever.

2. The Free Stuff

2014-06-03 11.16.22Mint anyone?

3. The Craft Sessions

2014-06-05 12.12.31There’s not much that’s as effective at taking your mind off exams than struggling to make a perfect paper chicken.

4. The Ukuleles

Who knew you could pluck away your stress? They didn’t sound half bad either.

5. The PAT Dogs


I’m not sure who enjoyed the session more… us or the dogs!

6. Yoga

yoga croppedThe sun came out just for us! This session definitely got rid of all those cricks in our necks from leaning over our desks!

7. The Penguins! 

penguins2Because the library wants you to chill out – gettit?

8. The Silent Disco

discoBelting out Bon Jovi into complete silence will never get old.

9. The Free Bananas Every Week

P1020363Because who doesn’t like free stuff? Especially free stuff that’s actually good for you.

10. The return of the PAT dogs!

Here’s a dog montage for you courtesy of our friends at IGGY

We hope you enjoyed the campaign and would love to know what your favourite bit was – leave us a comment!

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