We asked you for your best revision tips, here’s what you came up with…

We went out into the library and asked for your best revision tips in exchange for a banana. We got loads of great advice. Here are some of our favourites:






  • Concentrate on what you write and don’t just write tons of notes without thinking
  • High omega 3: fish the night before, smoked salmon omelette breakfast

post it debussy

  • Do regular exercise to keep you awake during long days
  • Go to the library very early in the morning, stay until the afternoon, then go back and play video games

post it phone

  • Know our biological clock and work based on that
  • Putting notes up on bedroom walls, then assigning part of the room to each topic

post it acronyms

  • Walk around while reading, it keeps me focused
  • Print out papers/notes and TURN OFF your computer

post it relax

  • See your tutors and friends if you don’t understand anything
  • Rest well, meditate and believe in your ability to be the best

post it beyonce

  • Floor 5 all day
  • All-nighters are not the way!!! Your exams happen during the day!

post it tea

  • Chew different gum for each exam while revising. Then chewing it in the exams helps to trigger the memory

post it memory palace

  • Don’t Share a single bed
  • Try and revise thematically so you don’t just know the  topics but you’re in the right mind-set for the exam questions

and finally….

post it don't panic

If you have anything to add, just pop them in the comments! Best of luck with your exams (not that you need it!)

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