Stay organised with the study blog’s essential exam day checklist

We know that your mind is all over the place, straining to retain every detail of your topic. We’re here to help, so here’s an exam checklist to make sure you’re in control and haven’t forgotten anything…By Nuala Clarke

 □ Get organised

Check and double check the times and locations of your exams. If you don’t know where one is then take a walk there on a revision break. It’s not worth the risk of turning up at the wrong building on the day of your exam.

□ Know the rules

Make sure you know the dos and don’ts of exams – you don’t want to get caught out for something as small as bringing your mobile in with you.

□ Alarm set

Make sure you leave more than enough time to get into campus. Allow for delays – washing up a cereal bowl, the bus breaking down, your best mate breaking up with their boyfriend etc.

□ Get some breakfast

Your stomach might be in knots, but going hungry won’t help. Try a smoothie or banana if you don’t think you can handle a full fry up.

□ Gather your exam toolkit.

It should definitely include a couple of working black pens, a bottle of water and your ID card. Maybe throw in a watch, a lucky charm, some tissues and/or a spare jumper in case it’s chilly.

□ Use your journey

…to relax. Maybe look over some key words to get your brain into gear but don’t try to cram – you need a clear head today.

□ Get there early

You need to arrive at least 15minutes before your exam starts. However, it’s worth getting there earlier than this in order to have time to calm down and get into exam mode.

□ Last minute preparations

Only bring essentials into the exams, hand your mobile in to the invigilator, find your seat (this one might take a while…) and calculate the finishing times of your exam – you don’t want to get caught out!

□ Sit your exam

Keep calm and positive, read the questions carefully and don’t rush through. Make sure you stay to the end of the exam, checking though your answers and adding any additions.

□ …and relax

Make sure you take some time to cool off before your next exam. Go for a walk, let off some steam, have a rant to your mum on the phone. Make sure your head’s in the right place for round 2.


If you have any must-dos for the exam day, write them in the comments.

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour. 

Image: Checklist Chalkboard/Mufidah Kassalias/CC BY-ND 2.0


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