9 Necessities for surviving a library all-nighter

An all-nighter can feel like you are a preparing for a dystopian, post-zombie apocalypse night. But, these top tips will help you to feel less like the walking dead! …By Rachel Bell 


1. The Pre-emptive strike

The best defence for a zombie apocalypse? Get the vaccine to those infected BEFORE it turns into an epidemic. Similarly, if you get your work done before you are forced to do an all-nighter, you’ll be less tired, less stressed and able to turn out a better piece of work – therefore, completely avoiding zombification in both scenarios. No-one would recommend the all-nighter approach, but if it does come to that just make sure you do the following…

2. Make a list

Making lists will help you save time, ensure that you’ve remembered everything (which is especially difficult when your brain is fighting a zombie virus take-over), and allow you to crack on with your work!

3. Wear comfortable clothes

Because there’s nothing worse than being stuck in skin-tight skinny jeans, or a mini skirt and heels when a zombie apocalypse – or an all-nighter – strikes. Nobody down at the library is going to care what you look like at 3a.m.

4. Make a “work appropriate” playlist

Some nice background music can actually help you to focus on the task at hand. Although be warned, whilst your favourite tunes may be catchy, singing along to the lyrics will distract you (and your neighbours). On the flip-side, anything too relaxing and you may fall asleep!

5. The Buddy System

Having a study buddy will help you both survive your all-nighter. They will be your personal alarm, motivator and psychiatrist all in one… you just have to be willing to return the favour. Don’t forget the Library Stewards will be on hand if you need any help.

6. Food supplies

You need to eat. Those zombies will start to outrun you if you’re running on an empty tank, and your work will start to become too much if don’t eat through your all-nighter.

7. Aqua de Vida

Literally, water of life. Not only does water help your brain concentrate, but it also helps you to stay awake longer. It also has the double plus of not causing your body to crash after 40 minutes…unlike caffeine.

8. Take regular breaks

Everybody needs some recuperation time. Take 15 minutes, periodically through the night, to get away from your work.

9. Change your scene

Staring at the same spot on the wall for 12 hours is monotonous at best. Shake things up a bit by changing location every so often.


Let us know your tips for a library all-nighter in the comments! 


Image: Apocalypse/KFDL/CC BY 2.0

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2 thoughts on “9 Necessities for surviving a library all-nighter

  1. Don’t forget your Uni card for swiping into the building if you’re visiting late. Being trapped outside is a serious zombie apocalypse fail.

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