I need quiet! 2 simple ways to get quiet in the Library

Picture the scene. Your deadline’s coming faster than ever. You’re buried between piles of books and bottles of water. You’re stressed. You need to concentrate. Quiet is all you need. And a few feet away somebody’s whispering to their friend. Or you have somebody chowing down on a packet of Walker’s crisps. Concentration? Quiet? They seem like distant memories. So what can you do to rectify said problems? Well, read on and find out. …by Tom Stewart

Use the Library Stewards

You know those Zombies dressed in black? You know, the ones that you see walking around every so often, tucking in chairs, looking at everyone? They’re the Library Stewards. You might think that their job is to simply to tuck in chairs or clear up litter, not so.

The Zombies dressed in black can, indeed, tell people to stop talking. They can also determine whether somebody is eating the correct food on the floor. Soon, these Zombies dressed in black will be known as the Angels dressed in black. They’ll swoop in, sort out the situation and bish-bash-bosh! problem solved.

So when you’re in those situations. When your fingers are running through your hair, when the temptation to smack someone with a book is there, look around for a Steward. If they’re not an around there’s the Text a Steward service where you simply explain the situation i.e. “a loud group of boys on floor 4” and they’ll swoop and do their miraculous deeds. Quiet? Yes indeed. Just send your text message to 07788 351382.

Choose the right zone

There are, of course, some things the Stewards can’t do. If someone is blowing their nose too loudly, for example, they can’t exactly tell them to be quiet or move.  This problem can be rectified by you picking the right zone to work in. The Floor 2 extension has two quiet areas, situated at either end of the floor. One of them demands such silence that you’re not even allowed to use your laptops in there. No thunderous tapping in that room.

So if that’s the quiet you want, go there. If you want to use your laptop, go into the other room. The library has so many options when it comes to picking the right zone for you to work in. All you have to do is look around and choose.

Simply is the word. These steps are so easy that you could do them without thinking. They’re almost obvious but now you know and now you shall be content. Now, silence will be yours and you’ll be working in peace.

As always we’re happy to hear your comments so let us know if you’ve found any other ways of being quiet in the library. Any other remedies. Let’s hear it!

Image: Shut Up, shut up, just shut up/Mateus Lunardi Dutra/CC BY 2.0

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