5 surprising services to make your long-distance Library relationship thrive

On those occasions when you’re not at Warwick, take advantage of what the Library has
to offer and watch your long distance relationship blossom (no sexting or late night
selfies required)…by Francesca Green


Maintaining a long distance relationship can be difficult and studying at a distance is no different. You have to contend with the vast distance separating you from your loved one/Library, the competing priorities such as work and family against looming deadlines, that longing to pick up the phone and hear their voice (alright, maybe not the last one).

If we could maintain long distance relationships in an age long ago, when tweeting was just for the birds and an apple was something you ate, then studying at a distance in 2014 should be a breeze, right?

If you’re studying abroad, a distance learning student, on a work placement, or simply back at home during the vacation, don’t panic. The Library has you covered when it comes to maintaining a successful relationship. It’s the 21st century, the age of technology, people have never been closer and distance is nothing more than a minor inconvenience.

1. Lovingly embrace technology

The Library’s vast array of electronic resources eradicate the barriers of time and distance (and if the only barrier between you and the Library is your duvet, that’s fine too).

The Library subscribes to a large number of electronic resources such as journal articles and books, so you have instant access at the tips of your fingers, anywhere, anytime. Simply log in with your IT username and password and you will have instant access to a plethora of resources. The best bit is, there are no loan periods or overdue fines. Always access resources by going through the Library website to avoid any login problems.

2. Touch, hold, feel

Miss the feeling of holding a book in your hands and running your fingers through the pages?  The alluring scent of the previous borrower still lingering on the paper when you flick through the chapters? (Let’s be honest, the only scent still to be lingering is the stench of the savoury snack the last borrower was eating). Or perhaps the book you want to read is only available in print.

If you are a student living in the UK you can take advantage of the Library’s postal loans service and request books to be sent to your door (postal charges apply). Now who doesn’t like to receive a package through the mail?

3. Maintain a connection

With the huge number of different social media platforms out there it is easier than ever to stalk keep in touch with your loved ones.

The Library is no different. Connect with the Library via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Keep up to date with the latest news and notices and network with other students.

Also, remember to check your emails and Library account regularly for any important information, particularly if you have any books on loan which may need renewing or returning.

4. Cheating has its benefits

The Library does like you to visit in person but if you are home for the holidays or studying at a distance this isn’t always possible.

If you need a quiet place to study and have a local university library then why not consider joining the SCONUL Access scheme, which allows students studying at UK universities to join other UK university libraries – find out more here.

5. Want something you can’t have?

As humans we always want something we can’t have. If there is a book chapter or journal article which is only available from the Library in print you can request to have photocopies made and sent to you. Want access to an electronic article the Library doesn’t have? All is not lost. Article Reach is a service in which a group of universities share their electronic resources. Submit your request and if the article is available it will be sent to you electronically. The best thing is, it won’t cost you a penny.
So there you have it, five things that can make your long-distance Library love affair thrive. Do you have any more tips to add to our list?


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