How to structure your time without a formal timetable

It’s term three, and for many of us that means that lectures and seminars are over, replaced instead by essay deadlines and exam revision. It can be difficult to stay motivated and find a way to structure your own time without the help of the weekly timetables of the past two terms. Difficult, but not impossible! Here are some tips on how to organise your time and stay on top of your work.

By Lucy Carter

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Studying Happy and Staying Mindful: Our Top Ten Tips

Here at The Library, we’re keen on mindfulness and staying healthy during study. At a recent mindfulness session we had, we noted down some top tips for mindfulness. And as we descend into the academic term, we thought we’d share them with you. Take a look below.

By Ellie King, Ana Kedves and Dr Dean Howes

Originally published on October 28th 2021.

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Five lessons I’ve learned from the Library

When I found out I had to do a week of work experience as part of sixth form, I wasn’t really looking forward to it.  Even though I was thinking about working in a library, and University of Warwick Library especially seemed interesting (not to mention convenient location-wise), I worried a lot about not knowing enough about the library to get anywhere or do anything. That fear was amplified by the fact that pretty soon, I’m going to be applying to unis, and I know absolutely nothing about them. If you’re reading this article, you might be in the same boat, so here are 5 key lessons I learnt at University of Warwick Library.

By Sam, our work-experience student.

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An MA student’s library love letter

The library is a constant companion to students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Where would we be without the near-unlimited access to academic resources, the support from the lovely library staff, or the fun and endlessly helpful study happy events? Since beginning my postgraduate journey, I have been using the library more often than ever, and here are some of the reasons why.

By Rebecca Preedy.

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STEM Students: make the most of your library – in conversation with your Academic Support Librarian

Blogger and Maths and Statistics student Emily talks to Warwick Library’s STEM Academic Support Librarian Chris Vernon to discuss how to make the best use of the library’s resources and databases to help with assignments, dissertations, essays and more.

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Spotlight on our Library Associates

In this post, we want to highlight our fantastic Library Associates, a brilliant team of students working with the Library to help you out. You might have already read a little about them on the Library website, but to find out more about what Library Associates do and how they represent you, we’ve interviewed two Associates, Jessica (final year History student) and Daira (second year Economics student), and Kat, an Academic Support Librarian for Warwick Business School, getting the inside scope on these Library superstars.  

By Rachel Parkinson

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Looking Back to Look Forward: How to reflect on your University experience

Now we’ve all got the first term of the 2021/2022 academic year under our belts, nobody is a newbie anymore. Even the freshers have had their fair share of failures, successes, and how-did-I-pull-that-off moments. As we steam ahead through term two, blogger Hannah invites everyone to take a look back over their academic experiences and consider how they might use them to journey forward.

By Hannah Filer.

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How to Manage Panicking About the Future

Although we’re not even halfway through the academic year, chances are you’ve already had to think, in some aspect, about your future. Whether you’re a first year realising that you already need to be looking at next year’s accommodation or a finalist having to contemplate post grad plans, it’s inevitable that the question arises: “what happens next?”

By Lucy Carter

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Google Search Hacks That Make Your Life Easy

We use Google sometimes, don’t we? Well, that definitely is an understatement. Everything from research to settling an argument includes “googling” as a step. Our Google searches are rather instinctive. What if I tell you there are better ways to google? This would mean better results, faster results, better research and an easy life. So here is the first part of the “Mastering Google” series that helps you get the master this powerful tool.

By Krishna Bellamkonda

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Study Hacks for Those with Short Attention Spans

Study tips like to do lists and study schedules may work for many students, but for those with short attention spans university work isn’t quite so simple. This week, blogger Hannah explores some tips for those who need a little more help to stay focused. While the methods you need might not be the same, with the right techniques you’re sure to be successful!

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Find Your Groove: Productivity Tips and Tools for Study Success

Coming back from what is a long holiday, it’s hard to blame oneself for getting distracted. With so much going on around us and so many commitments to juggle, here are some top tips to help you regain focus and master the art (or science?) of getting your work done on time, every time. 

By Harry Sun, Library Newsletter Editor

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Looking Back on 2021: Merry Christmas from your Bloggers

As we settle into the holiday season and campus gets quieter after a busy term one, here at the Warwick Library Blogs we’re looking back on the last twelve months. It started in a lockdown and sadly has ended with some restrictions being introduced, but in between we had some great months of learning and growing. Regardless of where you are in your university life, from a first-year undergraduate to a final year PhD researcher, I think this year we’ve been brought together in the challenges we have faced. We asked some of our bloggers to reflect on 2021, and here’s what they had to say.

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How to be Working Class at Warwick

By Olivia Collins

If you’re like me, then coming to Warwick as the first in your family to tackle higher education has been daunting, stressful and… stressful. Although Warwick has many great programmes, societies and initiatives to make people like me feel welcomed, I couldn’t help but feel like I stood out like a sore thumb. This is only what I have learnt, everyone is different, but here are my tips for fitting in, whilst staying true to yourself, as a widening participation student.

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The Library Refurbishment: Improving Services for You

In response to student feedback, a ~£4m project to refurbish the main Library took place over summer 2021.

The project focused on Floors 1 & 2 of the main Library building, updating them to create a contemporary, comfortable, work-inspiring environment.  The two floors were reconfigured to provide over 10% more study spaces, and completely new spaces were developed to facilitate new approaches to teaching and learning, and support student wellbeing.  On a practical note, the toilet facilities on Floors 1 to 5 were also updated and refurbished, and essential maintenance works were carried out throughout the building. Find out why the refurb project was so important, and what improvements have been made…

By Sam Platts, Ant Brewerton, Heather Green

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International Student? Find out how the Library can support you

Welcome to Warwick! Studying in the UK as an international student can be a very exciting and rewarding experience, and equip you for working and living in a multicultural society. We realise, however, that it can also at times be challenging and stressful as you adjust to the UK academic environment and develop your study skills while working in a foreign language… by Helen Ireland and Helen Riley

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Having the best Welcome Week (if you’re a bit of an introvert)

So, you’ve made it to Warwick. Congratulations! The first week at Warwick is known as Welcome Week, where you have a chance to settle in, find your feet, and get to know all of the best bits of Warwick. You’ll have heard this everywhere, and about how Welcome Week is the best week of your life. But here at the library, we know that not everybody is as keen to jump in, start a conversation with every person you walk past, or join fifty different societies. If you’re a bit of an introvert, the idea of moving to university and getting stuck in with Welcome Week may be the stuff of nightmares. But we’re here to help. Take a look at our top tips from our resident bloggers and mentors about having the best Welcome Week, even if you’re a bit of an introvert.

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The University Break-Up: Dealing with Post-Graduation Blues

Finishing an undergraduate degree can leave you with extremely mixed feelings. Pride over your achievements, heartbreak over leaving such a big part of your life behind, and anticipation over what will come next. Many students really struggle in the first year after graduating from their undergraduate degree. It can take a lot of adjusting to get used to what has been perhaps unkindly dubbed ‘the real world’, particularly when many students feel like university was the best reality they ever had. However, it’s not the end of the world, and there are lots of things you can do to make the ‘break-up’ with university life easier. Check out the advice below and start down the path of accepting that the end is only just the beginning!

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Ten Tips to help you prepare for next academic year

Whether you’re a returning student or have just enrolled in your first year at Warwick, the weeks leading up to Welcome Week can often feel daunting, as you try and prepare for the impending academic year. Blogger Fay, entering into her fifth year at Warwick, shares some helpful tips on things you can do in these final few weeks to prepare for the next academic year at Warwick.

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Returning to University…Unprepared

It’s over halfway through August, and the new university term is looming closer on the horizon. It’s time to start thinking about returning to full-time education! Except…the summer has been long, and it’s become increasingly difficult to pick up that reading you were supposed to work through. Here, blogger Hannah explores the difficulties in trying to rediscover your academic mojo.

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How to stay productive as a student over the summer break

The summer break: it’s what most of us spend the entire year looking forward to, and a chance to have a well-deserved break. However, after the end-of-year celebrations begin to die down, and with COVID restrictions still making travel during the vacation period difficult, students can begin to feel sluggish, as their productivity levels are significantly lower than during term-time. While it’s still important to have a break from long study days and endless reading lists, there are many ways students can stay motivated and productive while they take a break from studying. This blog post sets out some ways that blogger Fay is staying productive during the vacation, as well as some quick productivity-fixes to boost your motivation.

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Throwback Post: Making the transition from school to university

Congratulations! If you’ve reached the stage of preparing for university, you, first of all, should be very proud of yourself. You are about to embark on what is probably the biggest change in your life so far. The transition may be unfamiliar, but fun and exciting nonetheless… get ready for Warwick!…By Ciara Brodi

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