The Panic of Presentations: How to feel prepared

Presentations can be a massive source of stress, particularly if you’re someone who hates public speaking. Unfortunately, the likelihood is that at some point in your university career and beyond, you’ll be asked to give a presentation, and there’ll be no escape! But even if presentations make you feel like running for the hills, don’t panic! Here are a few tips to help you feel prepared…

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Writing a ‘middle-length’ Master’s Essay

You may have heard a lot about how to write a long dissertation (10,000 words or above). You may also be familiar with writing short essays (2,000-4,000) where being concise is key. But what about those ‘middle-length’ essays that are too-short for any major analysis but too big for just a quick peruse into a subject? This blog will look at essays of between 5,000 and 10,000 words in length that you may be asked to write at master’s level. Here are some things to consider:

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How can STEM students make the most of the library?

Even though the library is associated with reading, writing essays and Humanities students, there are tonnes of ways that STEM students can benefit from this learning space. It can seem intimidating to work in the library as a STEM student, but there are so many incredible ways to make the most of the space, no matter what subject you study!

Here are some of the ways STEM students can make the most of the library:

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5 Tips to Kick Off the New Term!

The first term can normally be a period of adjustment. People are trying to find their footing, or experimenting with revision and exam techniques to see what works. Term 2 is the best time to really figure out what works and excel in those summer exams. Whether you’re trying to bounce back from the break, or want to a fresh start to the new academic term, here are some tips that can help speed up that process!

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Exploring your local libraries – alternative study spaces in an area near you!


Everyone loves to use the Warwick Library for studying – it provides everything you need from well-equipped computers, it’s open all day, every day and a very large collection of books that caters for all your study needs. However, have you ever considered using a local library?…by Kayvon Taee 

University of Warwick offers many study spaces, from Rootes Learning Grid to the library itself, so there’s no doubt that you get plenty of choice to find a space to get some work done! However, during peak times (especially in term 3!), public transport can make travelling to campus more difficult. But fear not, for your local library has got your back – read on for some alternative study spaces in a place near you!


Coventry Central library

Many students live in Coventry due to good access to public transport (trains to London and the beloved 12x bus!), plenty of shops to choose from and a great nightlife. The Coventry Central library is great place as it’s conveniently located to where all the shops are, so you even do your weekly shop after you finished studying for the day! It’s also open Monday to Sunday, meaning you can choose any day of the week to work there! They also offer a good collection of books in foreign languages from Bengali to Vietnamese if you want to learn a second language too! For those who practice their faith, there is even a multifaith prayer room! If you want more information, visit their website.


Coventry University library


For those of you living at the city centre, consider Lanchester library! Located at the heart of the city, it has a larger collection than any other community libraries. As a Warwick student, you can access the Coventry library via the SCONUL scheme! While it is open for 24-hours, be aware it you will not be able to use the computers and the books are to be used for reference only, so make you bring a laptop to reap the full benefits! For further information about the SCONUL scheme, please visit the library website.

Earlsdon library


Many students who live in Coventry choose to live in Earlsdon, as the rents are cheaper compared to the rest of Coventry and Leamington. It also has a more of a “homely” feel to it, as it has a strong local community. Ironically, the library is also run by the local community! It has decent opening hours during the weekdays but it is much shorter on the weekends. Best days to go are Mondays and Tuesdays, as the opening hours are longer. It’s also a great way to be exposed to Coventry during its earlier times as much of the architecture has remained since first opening. If you’d like more information about what Earlsdon library can offer you and how you can support them, be sure to visit their website!


Leamington library


Ah Leamington! While it is the most expensive place to live compared to Coventry, many students feel it’s worth paying for given it has the largest Warwick student population! It has a great night life, beautiful scenery and an awesome library! For a local library, it’s surprisingly very well equipped – it’s open everyday with plenty of activities, a safe space if you need it and plenty of study spaces to be used! As it’s located at the parade, you’ll have plenty of options to stock up on study snacks if you want to, as well as a short walk to the beautiful Leamington park, which is a great way to relieve stress! For those doing studying engineering/computer science subjects will be delighted to know that Leamington library has dedicated technology spaces, where you can use software to code, program robots, design virtual reality (VR) and even perform 3D design! Even if you aren’t studying these subjects and want to practice these skills, the library also has a dedicated book collection for those interested in learning technology! Doesn’t it sound awesome? If you want more info on Leamington library, you can the visit their website!


My local library – Dartford library!

dartford lib.1
Dartford library’s book collection and study space

I have saved my favourite local library for last – Dartford library! This library is close to my heart as it’s situated in my hometown! Whenever I came home from Warwick during the holidays, I would often study here as an alternative work space. Even though it may be far for some of you, it is a library filled with rich history! I remember fondly going with my brother using the computers after eating subway and reading the large fiction collection! This library is very special, as it is connected to the Dartford Museum as well as the Sir Peter Blake gallery (featuring many wonderful art sculptures!).  I always love to explore the Dartford museum and gaze at my town’s history during my study breaks. It helps me feel more connected to my background and to reflect on my academic journey thus far. I then become re-energised and feel very motivated to have a productive study session! If you want to support Dartford library, please like their Facebook page and visit their website for more information.

Sir Peter Blake Gallery

While local libraries may not have as expansive collections, study space availability, convenient opening hours or the most up-to-date computers, they all have something unique to offer. For Earlsdon, it’s supporting the local community and learning more about Coventry in its earlier days. For Leamington, it’s super convenient to have everything you need at the same spot. As for my hometown, it opens the doors to the heart of Dartford, all in one place. Try using a local library in your hometown or neighbouring cities, as they can often provide a great substitute for Warwick’s library when you’re at home during the holidays. I do highly recommend you visit a local library at least once throughout your studies – you may just discover something new!

Dartford Museum

That’s all from me, I’m going to head to my library to work on my next blog, coming soon!

Spending Christmas on Campus – Events on Campus and in the Local Area

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, in the UK. You can celebrate however you choose, in a way that will allow you to have the most enjoyable period possible (even if it is just a break from studying!). There is plenty going on in and around the University of Warwick during the festive period…

  1. Warwick Arts Centre

Don’t forget that Warwick Arts Centre is the largest arts centre in the Midlands, and the largest venue of its kind in the UK outside the Barbican Centre in London. It’s undergoing a multi-million pound transformation at the moment but, rest assured, you still have access to a multitude of wonderful events. So, if you’re staying on campus over Christmas, you’re in for a treat!


Between Wednesday 27th and Sunday 29th September, you can see A Lyric Hammersmith and Pins and Needles production of Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas:


‘Join Santa as he awakes from a dream of sun, sea and sand only to find it is the busiest day of the year: Christmas Eve.

Watch as he prepares his Christmas deliveries, feeds his reindeer and finally takes flight into the snowy night.

This heart-warming adaptation is full of merry touches with plenty of live music, songs and playful puppetry. It’s a perfect introduction to theatre for young children who won’t be able to look away as secret doors and hidden hatches are revealed in this beautifully visual show.’

There are even discounted tickets for students!

You can find more events going on at Warwick Arts Centre over Christmas here.

  1. Coventry

Coventry, being the nearest city to our University, hosts a number of festive activities throughout the period. It’s just a short bus journey away, and a nice escape from campus!

Coventry Cathedral is a particular nice venue, and has religious significance during this time of year too. You’ll find plenty of candles, and a spectacular Christmas, amongst other things inside. Entry is free, and the Cathedral is open 7 days a week.

There are also particular events that you can attend at the Cathedral throughout the Christmas period. The Snowman is a beautiful Christmas film, by Raymond Briggs. It follows a young boy, who builds a snowman in his back garden, which comes to life. The pair share a magical adventure together. There are 2 showings of this film, with a live orchestra, on Saturday 7th December at Coventry Cathedral. Find out more here.

Christmas Music by Candlelight is taking place on 16th December. This promises to be a sequence of Christmas music, and readings, that will be guaranteed to make you smile. There are discounted tickets for students.

You can find more events taking place in Coventry over Christmas here.

  1. The Chaplaincy on Campus

The Chaplaincy provides a space for those of all faiths to reflect, and relax, on campus. It takes up a particularly special place over Christmas, as Christmas can be a very thought-provoking time.

There will be a Carol Service at 4:30pm on Friday 6th December. This is a free event, and falls just at the end of term. There will also be a Catholic Mass at 12:30pm every Sunday throughout the vacation.

You can find more information about the Chaplaincy here.

There is plenty more happening on Campus and in the local area over the festive period. Do check out this website to stay updated on everything that’s happening, and make the most of your time off studying. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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