Concentration and cosiness: different study spots on campus

10/110, 2/10…the numbers indicating the seats available in library are always frightening in exam season. Everyone rushes to the library in early morning, occupying a seat like grabbing discounted products in supermarkets on Christmas Eve. However, the library is neither the only study spot on campus not the best one for everyone. Here blogger Angel introduces and compares different study spots on campus. You have numerous choices other than the library.

By Angel Sun.

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Is there anything better than the Pomodoro?

As we head into exam and essay season, we might hear a load of information about study techniques and the best ways to revise. One of the most common in the Pomodoro technique. But what are the benefits and drawbacks of such a method? And if you know it’s not for you, is there anything better out there? This week, blogger Edward investigates.

By Edward Stanbury.

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Resolutions stick better in Spring

Did you find yourself, January 1st, setting a load of New Years’ Resolutions? Going to the gym 5 times a week, no alcohol, 10,000 steps a day, 2 litres of water, going vegan, calling your mum every week. Do you find yourself, as we head into April, feeling like you’ve failed miserably at all of these? No weight lost, still not calling your parents enough, too many pints on a Friday night? Well, fear not, because you now have another opportunity to set some well-meaning resolutions and make them stick.

By Elli King

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Celebrating Ramadan and Eid: A Supportive Muslim Community in Warwick

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and the exact dates of Ramadan change each year as the calendar follows Moon cycles. During Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to sunset as an act of devotion to their faith. This is to instil self-discipline, strengthen spiritual health but also to remind them of the sufferings of the poor. Ramadan is more than just fasting; it’s a month full of blessings, patience, and forgiveness. Several important historical events took place during Ramadan, including the revelation of the first verses of the Qu’ran to Prophet Muhammad.

By Alif Iman Bin Asmal, Library Community Ambassador

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A Fool-proof guide to different types of exams

Stopwatch ticking, pen scratching on paper, and we write down everything in our brain – this is how we usually take exams in high school. However, exams come in various shapes and sizes at Warwick. Apart from the timed exam in an exam hall, there are 24-hour and 7-day take-home exams. In these long open-book exams, speed and memory are no longer the only keys to high grades. You may find them unfamiliar, but don’t feel panic. Hopefully blogger Angel’s tips can help you prepare and handle the different forms of exams.

By Angel Sun.

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Library Newsletter: Term 2 Week 9

We have all collectively got through a cold winter, and spring is now fast approaching together with the Easter break. With that in mind inside this issue we have an article on hidden gems within the Library website, which you can access whether you are on campus or hundreds (or even thousands!) of miles back home. Together with that we have continued our interview series with a piece on Sara, one of the Academic Support Librarians there to help you with your studies. In addition we also have pieces on the upcoming International Women’s Day and the books that the Library will display and an update on what’s on at the Library over the Easter break for those staying on campus. Without further ado, please enjoy these articles and have a great Easter break!

By Oliver Toms, Newsletter Editor.

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More than food: What are Eating Disorders?

Next week is eating disorders awareness week. Eating disorders are a mental health illness that can impact anyone and have been on the rise since lockdown. In this article Iona discusses what eating disorders actually are, how they stem much deeper than being about food, and some pointers of where help can be accessed if you feel you or someone around you may be struggling with their eating.

By Iona Craig.

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You didn’t know you needed them: Academic Support Librarians

Deep in the Warwick Library jungle are a secret group of creatures. They roam silently between the bookshelves, and few students even know their existence. We are of course referring to Warwick’s Academic Support Librarians, the geniuses behind all our essay successes. In this week’s blog, Edward investigates.

By Edward Stanbury.

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Feedback: Not only for the past but also for the future

Do you often feel conflicting emotions of expectation and worry after submitting a written assignment? Such feelings are frequently heightened after getting grades and feedback from our marker. Have you ever spent time reading the feedback than on the final grade only? Unfortunately, many of us stop there and leave our markers’ feedback alone. However, when we skip the feedback section, we seem to waste some very useful, personalised tips that not only complement our understanding of the grade, but also provide us with suggestions on how to improve for the next assignment. In this week’s blog, Amber guides us through making the most of our feedback.

By Amber Zhang.

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Cooking at Warwick: How not to set your kitchen on fire and other practical tips

Are you bored of cooking the same dishes over and over again, or are you worried about setting your kitchen on fire because of your lack of cooking experience? In this blog, Gunisha draws on her personal experience to provide tips and tricks to make cooking at university a piece of cake. She also shares a fun and easy-to-make Potato Sandwich recipe.

By Gunisha Aggarwal.

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Lunar New Year: In the world and at university

Lunar New Year is the most important festival among the Chinese and other Asian communities. Just like Christmas, everyone goes back home, enjoying time with their families and welcoming good and new. Despite the central value of hope and family reunion, it is celebrated in different ways in different Asian countries. Many international students need to spend their new year time away from family too. Having talked with students from various places, blogger Angel introduces a selection of the diversified Lunar New Year celebrations and how students celebrate it in university during term time.

By Angel Sun.

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The Christmas Holidays: How to avoid procrastination

As we finish term and head into the Christmas holidays, are you keen to crack on with work but know all too well you’ll find yourself sipping mulled wine, eating a mince pie and watching Home Alone? If this sounds like you, read on. Iona discusses why so many students struggle with procrastination, how it works, and how you can beat it.

By Iona Craig

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Balancing work and social life at University

As we come to the end of term one, you might have found yourself struggling to balance your studies with everything else going on at university. Before we head into the new year and term two, blogger Abbie considers the difficulties of student life and gives some top tips from interviewing other students about how to best balance between having fun at uni but also working hard and achieving your goals.

By Abbie Farsiani

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How to stay productive when it gets dark early

Coldness, darkness and rain – everything in winter brings you fatigue. After it gets dark at 4pm, you may just want to pull out a blanket and watch Netflix in bed. However, you cannot be lazy as there are countless deadlines at the end of the term. You know that tasks are piling up, but your body is unwilling to move. Winter is definitely a season of painful internal struggle, and here is blogger Angel’s advice to stay productive when it gets dark early.

By Angel Sun

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Welcome to the Study Blog

Welcome to Warwick! Congratulations, you made it! We’re so excited to have you on campus for your university journey. We wanted to give you a special welcome from the Study Blog. This blog is part of Warwick Library and is written and organised by students and for students. We publish a post every week, on Thursdays at 10.30am, providing you with all the advice, study hacks, experiences, and hints and tips you need to make your study and university journey a success. To give you a flavour of our blog, in this post editor Ellie gives you a tour of our site, pointing you to some of our favourite and most useful post to get you started at Warwick.

By Ellie King

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Know your Library space: reporting problems during term three

As the end of the academic year approaches, many of us are beginning to prepare for exams and other end of year assessments. During this time the Library and many other study spaces on campus will be busier than usual. There’s a few important things to keep in mind when using the Library throughout term three to make sure it remains a safe and productive space for all. Read on to hear about the Space Hog campaign, dealing with lost or stolen property, and how to report any issues you might face studying in the Library.

By Rebekah Elliot

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Out of the house and into the exam hall: How to prepare for in-person exams

With the COVID-19 pandemic slowly beginning to finally fade away into our history, many of us have in-person exams for the first time in our university experience. Here are some of my tips collated from conversations I’ve had with fellow students at Warwick who have had first-hand experience with this!

By Arin Ososanya

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What to do in term 3 if you have no exams

For many of us at Warwick, Term 3 holds very few or no exams at all. If this sounds like you, then keep reading to find out about ideas for your free time and tips for non-exam assignments. Some students may only have labs and essays left, while others are fully free. The first set of ideas will be aimed at the lucky students with a fully free Term 3, if instead you have non-exam assignments such as labs and essays, scroll further down for a brief checklist.

By Anastasia Cagnoni.

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